Diffraction determined by entrance pupil or exit pupil?

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Exit Pupil Geometry

bclaff wrote:

AiryDiscus wrote: ... I find pictures are much more illustrative than equations. Here's a lens at infinity, with an illustrative choice of stop location, one half focal length from the lens:

This places the EP at the stop, -0.5f from the lens, and the exit pupil at -f, sized to be .66 the stop diameter,. D_stop. The pupil magnification is .66. ...

I have trouble with that diagram.

With focal lengths meeting at lens that's a lens where the principle planes coincide, eg. inter-nodal distance is zero; fine.

But if pupil magnification is going to be .66 (I'll use 2/3) then the pupils will not be as you placed them.

Yeah, the position of the Exit Pupil doesn't quite look right.  Pupil magnification of 2/3 should mean that the Exit Pupil is 1.333f from the focal plane, no?

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