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Re: Maybe have to rethink a bit

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Both Canon and Nikon now have two mirrorless FF cameras, one approx 50 MP and one approx 20 MP. In both cases the cameras are kind of similar, except for the number of pixels. And in both cases the price difference is kind of large. So, if you are not made out of money you may have to settle for 20 MP.

Compare that to Pentax. We only have one FF camera. And it is 36 MP.

I have a long time wished for two cameras, one simpler (lighter and cheaper) and one more advanced (replacing K-1).

But what happen if Pentax do like Canon and Nikon. Do I really want to buy that super expensive 50 MP camera? And if I do not want to do that, do I really want to settle for 20 MP?

In my naïvity I thought that it would be a 50 MP that is the logical continuation to 36 MP with slightly higher price than the K-1 and a 36 MP scaled down camera that is smaller, lighter and much cheaper. But - that might not be the most probable scenario, even if that is the one I would like, and the one I think would benefit Pentax the most, if possible.

The expensive huge lenses they now make tells another story, the same story as the Canon and Nikon solution.

Megapixels are not everything. I shot Pentax for years, K1,K3 and K50 then I switched to Canon with the 50mp 5DSR and 20mp 1DX2. I switched just for the lenses because I shoot wildlife.

When I look at 50mp and 20mp files im amazed at how good the images from the 1DX2 are. I print lots of 20x30” metal prints and they look good from both.

The K1 images I had with the DA*300 are incredible also and I’m sure with the new 50 and 85 they are great also. Depending on what you shoot the K1 is a very capable camera. For sports and wildlife it’s auto focus is slow and lens selection is poor but for all other types of shooting Pentax is good.

I wouldn’t worry about megapixels at all if I was you.

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