Who is buying a R6 ?

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Re: Who is buying a R6 ?

lawny13 wrote:

Sabud wrote:

Not me!

Have the old trusty 5DMIII and a new Sony A7III but heading back to Canon and the reason is R5, The new R6 lacks resolution and sorry to say, I think the A7III is hard to beat and not only for the price.

Eh... 20MP is not that big of a difference to 24MP.

And I don't actually think the A7III is hard to beat looking at the rumoured specs of the R6.
So, which one of these don't you think would beat the A7III?

a. 12/20 fps

b. Higher Rez evf

c. Full touch screen functionality (touch drag is awesome).

d. Wide open shooting, so better AF in low light)

And that seams to be a problem in the lenses, en therefor a problem of the platform as a whole. That was my reason to stay with Canon, as low light AF is pretty important to me. The R6 is rated for half of a stop better (the R5 is not surprisingly) low light sensitivity, but the R is still awesome for low light AF. With my sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art the AF never hunts in low light. Never.

e. DPAF... also better in low light.

f. Probably better build, in pretty much everything.

- My A7III back shows greens as yellows when set to higher brightness
- My A7III IBIS would pull a few pixels to the left when activated.
Made me feel like I had an eye twitch

g. The R doesn't reduce the resolution of the EVF when shooting/lookiing through it. The A7III does. Which is why you can see moire when shooting but not in the final image.

I've tested the A7III a long time before the R was out, but that viewfinder isn't nice. Now i understand why.

h. Better ergonomics (feel in hand at least). Not sure how button programming and placement will be.

i. Canon supposedly will have IBIS working with ILIS to achieve crazy stabilisation results such as 7 stop IS.

Actually i'm a bit skeptic reading ratings like this. If you need to hold a camera still for a longer period bigger movements will occur, and i'm not sure these ratings include the ability to handle these bigger movements. And i don't see a need for 7 stops of stabilization either. I seldom need more than 3.  In cases you need 7 the AF of the R is good enough, that's for sure ;).

So far the only place I see that the A7III may have the R6 beat is the MP count. And we will also have to see about EVF/LCD refresh rate and if we have a live feed rather than stop motion, and how this impacts FPS. But considering the R5 and R6 have the same processor, I am guessing the R6 should be good.

Well, the A7III is an older camera, revolutionary at it's release, and you can get a used one for a whole lot less compared to the R6. And i still believe the A7III was the camera forcing Canon to come up with the R6 and R5, and let's be honest: it took Canon a while to beat it.

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