Why has Canon included the 1.6x crop on R5?

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Re: Why has Canon included the 1.6x crop on R5?

Colin46 wrote:

Advent1sam wrote:

With 8200 pixels on the horizontal a 1.25 and 1.5 would probably be preferable for shooting cropped?

The 1.25x crop would provide a 28mp crop sensor, aps-h size and essentially a 600 f8 ff dof at 470 6.3 with 100-500, very very nice!

The 1.5 would be just a bit better imo than 1.6 and provide an equally cool 20mp crop aps size and a 700mm f9.5 dof with 470 6.3 with 100-500, also very nice😀

Obviously I can do these crops in post but I think the 1.25 and 1.5 in camera crops would reduce the use for many of the 1.4x tc, although obviously it will depend on your use.

I may decide yet to order the r5 and 100-500

Can’t see the point in a camera crop,

We are all different, Sony includes the 1.5x crop and others eg Nikon have all provided 1.3 crops too, it makes perfect sense to me, to provide better framing in camera.

just crop in post to where you want.


obviously if you attach an aps-c lens, then the camera will apply a 1.6 crop automatically

sure, but I won't, not interested in shooting 1.6x crop

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