EVERYTHING wrong with the R Strategy

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EVERYTHING wrong with the R Strategy

this is only my thoughts / speculation, i might be wrong in some of my notes, so please correct me, but please do not get personal as it sometimes does.

the below observations are based on the r5/r6 videos canon released, showing how these new tools will benefit photographers of different genres ( wedding, editorial, sports, wildlife)

Body price : i know it's an intro price, but assuming a 10%-15% discount after the initial release, they are still very expensive "tools" giving the current economic environment

Lens price - you have the extreme L end of the spectrum, and you have the extreme economy version f/7.1 f/11, with few in the middle and a bunch missing.

1. expensive F2 F1.2 lens that's the price of a decent used honda civic/corolla

2. el cheapo f/11 f/7.1 zooms (24-105stm, 24-240stm, 600 f11, 800 f11)

3. middle ground ( 35 stm, 85 stm, 24-105 F4)

4. no nifty fifty, no f4 wide angle, no 70-200 f4, (assuming canon wants these users to use the legacy lens via adapter)

target audience

1 - people with tons of money lying around and just enjoys the latest techs (usually not a photographer and are a rare breed nowdays)

2 - people who own existing EF lens and would continue to use them with the R mount. (based on my personal experience with the EF 16-35 2.8ii, 70-200 f4, Tamron 150-600 G2)

i. EF protocol does not give the R user full advantage of the R system

ii. EF USM motors are not designed for videos

iii. older EF AFs are not ideal for advanced tracking capability of the R5/6/R/RP

3 - people who need these specialized tools to earn a living ( wedding, documentary, fashion, magazines, sports, wildlife) and benefit from the newer technology

i. large wedding - pretty much non existent for the next foreseeable future. marriages will still happen, but gone are the days of jamming 300 people in a room, and no credited photography will want to jeopardize his life/career for a small shoot worth maybe 2k/shoot (wedding events are mostly for show in a lot of cultures, and thus the bride/groom are well aware of the cost associated with impressing family/friends, now the event is much simpler and smaller, few newlyweds are willing to dish out 5-10k for a photographer, not mentioning 99% of newlyweds are just beginning their career in this uncertain economic environment)

ii. documentary/wildlife - mostly transitioned to micro documentaries with limited budget thanks to online streaming trends, gone are the days of NG BBC BIG budget expeditions to the middle of nowhere.

iii. fashion - mostly done in-house in a fixed environment with strobes, thus not really benefiting if transitioned to mirrorless(WYSISYG) or advanced tracking, on top of it most fashion editorials are shot in medium format.

iv. magazines - all transitioned to E-books online, reducing the photography criteria and more emphasize on photo editing

iiv. sports - self explanatory, there are none with spectators for the next while, and the last thing you want to do is sit on the sideline with players dripping on you/crashing into you.

SO, there are 3 targeted audiences with the R5/6 and i don't see them flocking to the store to buy these latest and greatest gears in the next year at least.

again, please correct me if i'm wrong.

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