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Re: And next time...

tasad wrote:

MrScorpio wrote:

I kindly suggest you contact me directly rather than trolling after my good name in public.

I never use PM's in cases like this...

Why not?

Your OP began by asking Mr Scorpio / Markus a question. Why not ask him directly and give him the opportunity to respond, rather asking publicly and immediately putting all your evidence in display.

You have put the onus on him to prove his innocence, which seems unfair.

A level of decency could be adopted by you before misbehaving like this.

In all cases like this I think it is up to you to prove my guilt before(!) putting my name in the dirt.

These are screenshots of screenshots taken 3 years ago when I've noticed your 2 accounts and the pictures taken by your wife entered into challenges under your name :

I was "quiet" about the case for the past 3 years , but recently I've noticed that you activated the second account and you use again the pictures "tagged" by your wife name... so , I was curious to ask you some questions.

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