RF 100-500 where are the doubters now?

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Loads of people complained on here about the f7.1 on the long end of this lens.

To benefit from the new sensors - in order to take advantage of them with f/7.1, you need to buy one of these two new cameras. They made this clear during the presentation. You're not just buying the lens, you HAVE to buy a new camera (EOS R5or R6) to go with it. And these new cameras and this lens don't come cheap. You're looking at many thousands of dollars each.

Others pointed out that it is extra range in still a relatively small package.
During canon's reimagine event it was pointed out that @400 you have f5.6!! So in my book this is better than the EF 100-400. What do you all think???

I think that I can save about $8,799.00 (if I avoid buying a new lens and a new camera) by using my EF 100-400mmL lens with a 1.4x III Extender on my existing cameras - and get even more zoom for the dollars I save. I can then put that money I saved into traveling to new locations to take nicer pictures than if I stayed at home and threw all my money at Canon. Again.

Why do people aways go to the extremes?

1. You can get the R6 instead. Why are you immediately going to the R5 which is obviously a pro camera?

2. The RF is better than the 100-400. So if you have the option of buying the EF 100-400 new vs the RF 100-500 for $600 more, and you have an RF system which do you think is the better bang for your buck?

3. We all knew when the R came out that to do any sports you would have to get a next gen body. From what I see the R6 is a better camera than the A7III. So I don't see $2400 is being too expensive at all.

Summary. If I was looking to get into photography and wild life the R6 and RF 100-500 would cost me $5000. A good 3.7k cheaper than what you are implying.

yes, but if someone already have the canon 100-400 II, then purchasing RF 100-500 doesn't make sens!

Of course it makes sense if someone prefer to have added reach 500mm without extender and a lens without adapter. A bit smaller and lighter too than EF + adapter? And high speed display with RF?

i haven't experienced any disappointment using 100400 II + TC 1.4 III at anytime. your experience may have been different.

When I started shooting birds, my first tool was 5d3 + 2x iii + 70-200 2.8ii. That was very frontheavy combo, felt akward to me. Later I added Tamron 150-600 for reach and 400 5.6L for BIF. That 400 is just a joy to shoot with.... But quite specialized lens; good for distant action, but not when you shoot static targets in low light (no IS) or some close ups (long mfd). I tried 100-400ii, great lens in many ways but it also feels heavy as 70-200 was. I didn't buy it because of price and "handling", I forced my self to shoot with existing gear. Later I added the cheapo and small and light Sigma 100-400, but unfortunately  it's not for action... I've been close to sell all my old long lenses and buy 100-400ii, but I haven't done it. And I won't do it anymore, because now I have R and I want to get rid of adapted lenses in the future. Put a (front)heavy lens on adapter, and it won't help how it feels in your hands... I've already swithed 70-200 to RF-version and really enjoy shooting with it. That's important to me. Yeah, I'm shooting now birds with adapted Sigma 150-600C "temporarily", (paid 550€ from it) but seeking for better.... I really hope RF 100-500 is better balanced with R than 100-400ii + 1 4x. And why I'm also more interested in RF; 500mm, no adapter and high speed display. So I'm not disappointed with 100-400ii, and I know it's great lens, but it just isn't my choise. I know RF 100-500 is even more expensive, but if it's great lens and feels good / better balanced in my hands, I'll propably buy it when the price goes down a bit or if I get great offer.

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