90D logical upgrade path from T2i and these lenses?

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Re: 90D logical upgrade path from T2i and these lenses?

Andy01 wrote:

All of the Canons will work, although the EF 100mm f2 is not a macro, or the EF 100mm macro (non-L or L IS) are not f2 - they are f2.8, so not exactly sure which of the 3 possible lenses you have.

That was a typo I have the EF 100m 2.8

The EF 50mm f1.8 ii is an older lens and I think the STM version improved on it, but it should still work well enough. The EF-S 10-18mm has been reported to work well here with 90D. All 3 of the possible 100mm lenses are sharp and should handle the 32Mp sensor no problem.

Good to hear all my Canon lenses should work.

I don't know (because I have little experience with Sigma) about the two Sigmas, but being older lenses, you would need to check compatibility. I would guess that neither would work with the dock, so you might need to send them to Sigma for a firmware update - if, in fact, such an update exists.

The 32Mp may also show up the Sigma lens weaknesses.

Sounds like I need to call Sigma and see what they say. My local camera shop is also a Sigma dealer so maybe if there is a firmware update they might be able to do it. My main concern is the 150-500mm working as it was a $1000 lens. The 18-250mm walk-around didn't cost near as much.

So, be prepared - it could be an expensive upgrade if you have to start buying bigger zooms (to replace them) that will play well with a 90D.

Funny (or not) as people told me 8-9 years ago that cameras were disposable but lenses were for life!

A 90D would be a massive upgrade from a 550D (T2i) and there would be much to learn with all of the new / extra features. I would be astounded if the 90D tracking ability for BIF was not a huge improvement over 550D.

You would be like a kid in a candy store

Yes I really hope that it will work with my lenses.


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