Canon 7D Mark II...what is the next logical upgrade

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Re: Canon 7D Mark II...what is the next logical upgrade

Stollen1234 wrote:

i had my Canon 7 D and 7 D mark II and they are really great Cameras...Hobby photographer here with some Photoshop experience..Mostly i do sports street and landscape Photography...


The upgrade path seems clear to me.  The 90D will provide a significant jump in resolution, with give very much better dynamic range and low noise with high ISOs.  In addition the diffraction correction algorithms work really well if you shoot high f stops to achieve depth of field.

When compared to the 7DII or what photographers would have wanted with a 7DIII there are some areas of concern.  First would be weather proofing.  Canon claims the 90D weather proofing has been improved when compared with the 80D but no one knows if it is up to the level of the 7D series.  The 7D camera bodies are much heavier than the 90D.  I have never had a camera body fail but others would see the weight of the 7D as indicating better construction.  I see the lighter weight as an advantage.  The big area of concern is autofocus with servo for small fast moving subjects such as birds in flight.  Don't misunderstand the AF works really well and is both fast and precise.  The issue is being able to track with servo when firing at a full 10 frames per second.  You can read endless past discussions of this topic on this forum.  A few bird in flight photographers have been disappointed with the 90D for AF tracking.  Others have turned off face detection, have optimized the settings and are getting good results.  In any case if you get the 90D, I recommend you turn off the default setting for face detection.  Otherwise once the camera locks onto a face, if it loses FD it will focus on the nearest high contrast area.  None of this matters if like me you rarely or never use AF Servo.  It is certainly not something I would use for landscape, general photography, street or sports photography.

Aside from the controversy about AF Servo, the 90D is IMO the best available cropped sensor camera on the market by a wide margin.  Plus you can use all of your existing lenses and you can buy one for less than half of what Canon would have charged for a 7DIII.

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