Canon announces some revolutionary new lenses

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Re: Canon announces some revolutionary new lenses

PerfectPoms wrote:

I think the 600 and 800mm lenses might be like the free drugs that drug dealers give out to get addicts hooked: in that amateurs who have never more than imagined long lenses will try them and fairly quickly learn that shots at dawn and dusk are not possible, and SOME of these photographers will then buy a few of the expensive big heavy primes.

I wonder if this thinking was much of the thought in designing these lenses - because I think the camera companies work hard behind the scenes to encourage GAS. They probably hire psychologists (who also like photography) to advise them about what sort of subliminal marketing will keep existing customers always wanting 'just one more lens.'

I've certainly become addicted to 'fast' lenses and bokeh: I bought and used only once before selling the Nikon 200-500 and newest light 70-300 and both 100-400's from Sigma and Tamron, and I only used my Nikon 80-400 AF-S a few times before it got flooded (and it sat unused for at least a year before the flooding), and I bought and returned the Sigma 50-500 a couple of times many years ago.

And I kept the 200 f2 for a long time while rarely using it. My subjects are just too rarely at specifically the 200mm distance. And carrying the weight of that thing out to a shoot is such a pain ... So I'm now considering selling a kidney to afford the 120-300 2.8. Maybe I'll FINALLY get around to selling SO MUCH of the stuff that I have cluttering the place so I can afford that $$$$$$$

My gripe of the day is that Nikon and Canon are like drug dealers .....

Well at least you do use your things to the fullest extent and love your comparison to a drug addiction as quite honestly I am too. I just bought a D6 and 120-300 Zoom for no reason what so ever but wanted it. I have 2 D5's that one I have not even taken out of the box and the other is affixed to my 200mm f/2vr2 with less then 500 snaps on the setup..:) I am really liking this D850 with 500pf i bought recently because it is so east to maneuver . Only lens I am missing in my fast glass is the 180-400 Zoom but one of these days I will just because..

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