So...What's wrong with the R5?

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Re: So...What's wrong with the R5?

Parshua wrote:

Snapper2013 wrote:

With your input, you'll will help me and maybe others with purchasing decisions. Thanks in advance.

Looks like per Canon's own spec sheet, there are major overheating issues with cool off times and re-record restrictions in 8K and 4K modes, which would significantly reduce the video usefulness for serious videographers.

I raised this issue in a thread weeks ago and multiple DPR members went into defensive tantrum mode shooting holes in the thread that it couldn't possibly be so and I had no right to even mention it.

Yesterday, I read an article that Canon's method of resolving the heat dissipation issue was to space electronic components that might heat up evenly around the R5's Body design.  I was expecting, I suppose, something more exotic than that, something like special heat dissipation materials with perhaps, some exposure to the outside environment and perhaps, certain software algorithms that would achieve buffer loading and memory exchanges in an optimized way.  I did read something about larger buffering space and the algorithm solution may be in the R5's solution to heat dissipation.

I understand that for Astronomy cameras, heat dissipation is a big issue and there have been precedents set already on methodologies for camera heat dissipation for the purpose of heat generated noise levels, not necessarily, camera body and circuitry heat dissipation.  I might have expected the R5 to capitalize on some of what is known from Astronomy Cameras about heat dissipation, especially since they had released, the EOS Ra.

It is for me, one of the big issues regarding Ergonomics and Failure MTBFs that I will be sitting on the sidelines waiting to hear about as the R5 begins to see usage and people begin to comment on their experiences.    In the mean time, I have pushed cash into a budget bucket and am ready to go for it, when I feel comfortable.

I calculate  about $4900 for the R5 Body, an EF-EOS R Adapter, a 128GB CF Express Card, and a 128GB UHS-II Card at the initial pricing.

I am still unresolved about which RF lenses to go for, as I have a wide variety of EF lenses.    The one unique lens offered for RF,  is the 100-500mm, but I am willing to duplicate my EF Lenses, if I should hear of people experiencing particularly note worthy improvements in Image Quality using an RF version on an R camera.   I say particularly note worthy and hey, those RF lenses are a good spot more expensive than their EF counterparts.   I can wait on the RF lenses.

The noise issue may not be a total problem for me, as I am retired and my shooting is not so active as to possibly run into the heat issue, if it exists.  Again, I will want to hear people's experiences with the R5 as it sees usage.

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