Drone 3d footage. your opinions please about the 3d effect

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Re: Drone 3d footage. your opinions please about the 3d effect

3D Gunner wrote:

rablaw 3d wrote:

Simon Zeev wrote:

Good 3D! I have an 28" 4k monitor and I saw the video cross eyes. It works OK.


I have some comments:

The 3D footage is made to be seen in parallel view mode, so can not be properly seen in cross-eyes mode!
The depth is too small for screens less than 100" sizes (stereo base is too small).
Rabeea Hawari logo is in wrong perspective from depth point of view (Is perceived to be beyond the deepest plane in footage. Is in correct perspective for cross-eyes view, so position must be reversed).

I saw the video on 55" 4K 3D TV and on a VR device.

Thanks for the notes

Thats right, its parallel shooting (interaxial 22cm), and its made for movie theater screen ( at least 200"), so the disparity will be bigger. I think the stereo base will be suitable for big screen.

Its a flight simulator. I shot in parallel mode and it is all positive disparity ( everything is behind the screen and nothing will pop out inside the theater).

As for the logo, you are also right. I just put it for protection and it needs to be adjusted well:)

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