R or R6?

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Re: R or R6?

juanmaasecas wrote:

Chris_From_Holland wrote:


I was thinking of getting an EOS-R to side by my 6DMkII, but since yesterday i'm getting confused

The way I see it, the R5 would not be putting my money on the right place (if I had the money to spend anyway). I don't do video.

The R6 however looks appealing. I'm however puzzled with the sensor size @20Mpx (when the 6D Mk has 26 & the R ~30).
I grasp that when it comes to Mpx, more is not always better, but I struggle to grasp what I should expect with a 20Mpx vs 26 or 30.
I mostly do concert photo, so while I try not to crop (excuse my OCD there ;)), it happens.

In short, while i started to settle down on getting an R when the concerts will safely restart, the R6 is very appealing EXCEPT for it's sensor size and I wonder if I should worry about that or not.


I feel the same.

Also the R is cheaper and has better screen. I don't need video, but I was waiting for a EOS R with IBIS.

Ask yourself which lenses appeal and why you even need ibis, r is going to be even cheaper soon! The wise choice is r

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