Price on R6 (Australia) - wow !!!

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Re: Price on R6 (Australia) - wow !!!

hunk wrote:

Andy01 wrote:

The prices were released in Australia and wow - scary stuff !

Prices for body-only (at the same bricks & mortar store);

6D ii - AU$2000 (US$1390)

5D iv - AU$4000 (US$2780)

RP - AU$1900 (US$1320)

R - AU$3200 (US$2223)

R6 - AU$4500 (US$3126)

R5 - AU$7000 (US$4862)

Considering that the R6 seems to be classified as a "6 series" body and it is nearly 2½ times the price of a 6D ii (or RP), nearly 50% more than R and more than 10% more costly than a 5D iv, it seems to put it fairly well out of reach for many mere mortals who would normally buy a 6 series body.

From what I have seen there is also a 25% mark-up from the US equivalent price (over and above the exchange rate), which is a lot - must be the price we pay for getting a 5 year Canon warranty here.


Maybe, to have a fair comparison, you should use the price at introduction? At my local dealership (Calumet in Holland) the 5R has the same (almost) price as the 5D mkIV when introduced.
(I paid €4150 for my 5D and €4550 for my 5R)

Perhaps, but for someone making a choice in the here-and-now, it will take months for the launch prices to drop with any significance (based on previous launches).

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