Price on R6 (Australia) - wow !!!

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Re: Price on R6 (Australia) - wow !!!

Andy01 wrote:

The prices were released in Australia and wow - scary stuff !

Prices for body-only (at the same bricks & mortar store);

6D ii - AU$2000 (US$1390)

5D iv - AU$4000 (US$2780)

RP - AU$1900 (US$1320)

R - AU$3200 (US$2223)

R6 - AU$4500 (US$3126)

R5 - AU$7000 (US$4862)

Considering that the R6 seems to be classified as a "6 series" body and it is nearly 2½ times the price of a 6D ii (or RP), nearly 50% more than R and more than 10% more costly than a 5D iv, it seems to put it fairly well out of reach for many mere mortals who would normally buy a 6 series body.

From what I have seen there is also a 25% mark-up from the US equivalent price (over and above the exchange rate), which is a lot - must be the price we pay for getting a 5 year Canon warranty here.


My local store in Sydney has the R5 listed at $6,588


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