90D logical upgrade path from T2i and these lenses?

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Re: 90D logical upgrade path from T2i and these lenses?

slambubba wrote:

I've had a Canon T2i guessing for 9 years now and it still works great but of course just doesn't have the features of the newer cameras. I mainly do outdoor photography like landscapes, macros, and wildlife (some BIF mainly larger birds like Bald Eagles). I did photograph a gravel bike race last fall which was fun but definitely a learning experience. The mirrorless cameras seem to be gaining popularity but I have existing lenses I like for my amateur photography. I know there's an adapter for the M6 Mark II to use EF and EF-S lenses but I'm not sure I want to go that route.

My local camera shop is having their tent sale next week and he said it's their biggest sale of the year even Christmas and they have a 14 day return policy. I'm leaning towards the 90D and looking for advice if that would be a good upgrade or I should look at something else?

These are the lenses I currently own. I know some people say that some older lenses have problems with sharpness with the 90D. If anyone knows if any of these lenses are good to go or have problems please let me know.

Canon EF 50mm 1.8 II

Canon EF-S 10-18mm 4.5 IS STM wide-angle

Canon EF 100mm 2.0 macro

Sigma DG 150-500mm 5.0 APO HSM

Sigma DC 18-250mm 3.5 HSM (walk-around/vacation lens)

Any advice would be appreciated.


All of the Canons will work, although the EF 100mm f2 is not a macro, or the EF 100mm macro (non-L or L IS) are not f2 - they are f2.8, so not exactly sure which of the 3 possible lenses you have.

The EF 50mm f1.8 ii is an older lens and I think the STM version improved on it, but it should still work well enough. The EF-S 10-18mm has been reported to work well here with 90D. All 3 of the possible 100mm lenses are sharp and should handle the 32Mp sensor no problem.

I don't know (because I have little experience with Sigma) about the two Sigmas, but being older lenses, you would need to check compatibility. I would guess that neither would work with the dock, so you might need to send them to Sigma for a firmware update - if, in fact, such an update exists.

The 32Mp may also show up the Sigma lens weaknesses.

So, be prepared - it could be an expensive upgrade if you have to start buying bigger zooms (to replace them) that will play well with a 90D.

A 90D would be a massive upgrade from a 550D (T2i) and there would be much to learn with all of the new / extra features. I would be astounded if the 90D tracking ability for BIF was not a huge improvement over 550D.

You would be like a kid in a candy store


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