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Re: Moon again

EZGritz wrote:

What do we do? Change the name of the Forum to EX-Olympus SLR Talk?

If I remember correctly I stopped the OM 300 f/4.5 down to f/5.6 when I mounted it on the EM1.2 and put the MC20 with it to the lake for those eagle shots I look not too long ago on the osprey pole. I did that because the lens is not sharp at f/4.5 an dI was afraid f/8 would be far.

That worked pretty well at f/11 with the MC20. Surprised me.

If you put an f/11 lens in front of a sensor that performs well when you crank the ISO up f/11 can work. I had a lot of light and didn't have to crank it up that far. Could have used more shutter speed maybe but the images were presentable. I think I used ISO 1600. Can't remember for sure. If you are comfortable with ISO2500 on the Canon you could run a faster shutter than I did on the tripod. Might even be able to handhold them. You do need a lot of light.

F/11 isn't the problem so much as our cameras are not made to function well at that aperture (autofocus etc.).  I take pics at f/10 quite often but the lens isn't at f/10 for focus and live view etc. - it stops down during the exposure.  But these lenses are native f/11 - yeesh.  Talk about live view boost.  They'd be useless on an optical SLR.

That the Canon works just fine at f/11 is pretty amazing, but then again we've not seen the test results yet...


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