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Re: Moon again

Yeah Oly, I understand.

The camera business is bifurcating into cell phones and high-quality cameras. I'm not sure how many people will be left to buy a $500-1000 body and a couple of lenses. Many of those people are not enthusiasts who want to collect bodies and lenses, spend a lot of money on quality gear, or the time to learn how to use it. They are happy and better off with cell phones given how good they are now for everyday use. I don't know if manufacturers can make money on kits that cost under $1000 anyway. Maybe not with volumes so much lower than they were five years ago.

That leaves a few people who spend lots of money, want the best gear they can get, and a lot of us keep their gear a long time lenses in particular. It becomes a quality competition for a few customers. There is no mass middle or entry market to cover overhead and keep prices for generic parts like memory chips down. Manufacturing cost is going to rise. Headcount and facilities can not be cut as far as needed to keep unit cost down. Prices have to go up.

My takeaway from this is to take care of my gear if I don't change format now while it has some value. Prices for a replacement format might be shocking when I'm ready for it and my M43 lenses might not be appealing or possible to adapt. FT lenses might be longer-lasting but might not be reparable.

If I want to be shooting M43 in five years I want to use the electronic shutter when I can. When the shutter goes on an old M43 body it might be done, unrepairable. If I can't replace it can I use the lenses for something other than paperweights and antique camera gear displays?

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