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I really wanted to bring my 6D to capture some landscapes but it’s way to big and heavy for me to carry that far. I also don’t like my 24-85mm lens, it isn’t very good quality and it shows in my photos.

The 6D is fairly light for a FF DSLR, and the old 24-85 is very light compared to Canon zoom designs today. To beat that weight for a long hike, give serious consideration to Canon EOS M or M4/3 mirrorless.

Would it make more sense if I work with the camera I have now and spend some money on a quality lens? I’m trying to find the perfect wide lens to buy but I’m having a hard time.

In the short term yes.

I could afford a R6 working the month of August but I wouldn’t be able to buy any lenses but would that even make sense for a kid to have a professional camera.

The more income from photo gigs, the stronger the case for a pro camera. Otherwise, there is really little difference in image quality, and few customers would know the difference.

Hi, I’m 16 and have been into photography for a little over 2 years now.

This brings us around to the long term view. In a few years your subjects may be different, and/or you may have formed different ideas on what is desirable in a proper camera. So you may still be on the Canon train, or yearning for something else. Which would mean pumping the brakes on upgrading your Canon system. If you have a curiosity about other brands, here are links to a range of views -

Your travel set up (Camera and/or Camera + Lenses)

Good camera for Landscape photography?

Best Lightweight, Compact Landscape Kit

Rethinking my travel equipment.

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