So...What's wrong with the R5?

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Re: So...What's wrong with the R5?

I would say that the 8K is the only resolution that you can do RAW. not 4k or HD.. I don't understand why.  Kinda like how on the R you can do 10bit in 4K but not HD.... why....

Mini HDMI, just make sure you reinforce it.

Expense of the fast card, but you may be able to limp by with just the SD card.

Covid putting a damper economically and the ability to just go outside and shoot.

Processing speed to process the 4K and 8K video... i hard the codec is processor heavy. Likely better with a 422 10bit HDMI out to a prorez atoms... fast workflow. use 8K for visual effects. No 8K rom coms or cat videos!!!!

Otherwise I would have to mention the key benefits:

Digic X chip... the first time canon had a processor for a mirrorless camera that brings it to parity speed wise with a DSLR. Mirrorless effectively has to push a live view all the time.. the evf or lcd... so the processing overhead to accommodate that really taxed the eos-M and the first R cameras.  now.. finally... we have a thoroughbred.

IBIS, not just for video, but a 47 MP sensor will pick up even the slightest shakes...the 5dsr had that problem. Not anymore.

canon dual pixel focus two seems really mature

optional wifi handgrip gives it 1DX wifi abilities.

New battery physically the same size as the old, so some cross compatibility with chargers.

truly worthy of the "5" designation.  One for the history books like the Mrk II and the orig 5D.

R6 is built from the ground up to be a you tubers soulmate: video ability, size, IBIS, 10bit 422 to card. It fits the market like a glove. 20MP pix economical for primarily social media folks.  i.e. instagram doesn't need a 47 MP sensor and a 20mp image is laptop friendly NOW, not two years from now.

canon hit the ring with a one two combination.  just need to ride out this pandemic... between this and the fuji xt4, 2020 has been great for tech, TERRIBLE to the biological!

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