So...What's wrong with the R5?

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Re: What should the price be?

CarlosMart wrote:

Price seems fine to me considering all it does and being a 5 level camera. It's expensive, not overpriced.

I currently own 2x R cameras and plan to sell one to buy either a R6 or R5. Since I do a lot of landscape and macro, plus some RF L primes (no IS), I think the R5 will be better for me due to higher resolution. But I also do a lot of events... so it's going to be a hard decision.

I own an R, and I'm primarily a landscape/cityscape/architecture guy; occasionally I'll do a portrait shoot or two.  It's a hobby for me.

I'm torn between buying the 5, or waiting think out until the rumored high MP camera comes out, as I think that would be the best product for what I like to shoot.

The 5 seems like the jack of all trades body, and seems like it would out perform the 6 in even an event situation, as the low light abilities of the 5 and 6 are rumored to be very similar.  As a primary body, I think most events people will be gravitating towards the 5 UNLESS it comes out that it's got significantly better DR (which nobody up to know has hinted at).

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