R5 Question Regarding RF and EF Lenses

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Re: R5 Question Regarding RF and EF Lenses

sportyaccordy wrote:

No IBIS on EF glass could be a deal breaker. We will have to see but that is something I'm a little worried about.

I saw reviews on Youtube I think that said IBIS works on all glass but it has the most influence for the wide angle glass and has less impact above 150mm.

I have EOS R and I can say if you love your L glass (and I love lots mine) it work exactly the same on your R5 camera only a little better due to IBIS at the wider angles if the reviewer is right. I never fully trust the first wave of reviews but I was convinced enough to preorder an R5 myself today.

Another reviewer said the R5 resolution is better than the EOS 5DD R 50MP which has more pixels than the R5 but the anti aliasing filter in the 45MP R5 is newer technology that is better than earlier tech in the 5DSR.

I like to crop and cropping is big deal in taking pictures of fast moving things. For me this means I like FF sensors with lots of pixels resolution for good result when taking pictures of little things far away without unnecessarily using the biggest heaviest of lenses.

I have more 20 "L" EF lenses of all types. I used with the 7D and 5D mk IV. I planned to to use my exist glass with EOS R and over the past year I used much of L glass.

After I got the EOS R I got the RF 15-35mm and the RF 24-70mm even though I have the similar EF "L" versions of too. These are my core focal lengths I use for my most important pictures and I thing RF glass though is better though I still have the EF lenses to use with my 5D as a backup camera. I love the 5D and I love those lenses. The EOS R is better at auto focus so it has become my primary camera except for sports/action shooting.

I do use the EOS R as my travel camera and I use the RF 24-240 lens which not L glass but i think it is amazing lens not too different from your 28-300 L but it is a little smaller and weights less. I did not ever have a 28-300mm L but I did own get in 1990s an EF 35-350mm which owned and loved until recently.

The  EF 35-350L ,which I loved for it's versatility, had the push-pull  action for the zoom ring.  I always disliked the push pull and found it harder to control so I sold it to get the cheaper RF 24-240mm non-L for the EOS R and I have found it to be a great lens that is smaller and lighter making it convenient for travelling or hiking.

So yes you can continue use all of L glass have and it will continue to work the same on the R5 using the adapters. I think I have seven adapters not with only three of them the Canon brand. A found the after market adapters for most things are good as the twice as expensive Canon brand. However, on one of Sigma telephoto lenses that I have the Canon adapter fits better.

My other EF mount lenses from Sigma, Tamron as well as my non L EF glass work well with the EOS R too.

I have no experience yet with the R5 but I would guess you will continue to use most of your existing L glass and, like me, you may add a few additions over time in the RF line of glass. I have no plans to buy an more RF glass or to get rid of my existing L glass.

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