So...What's wrong with the R5?

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Kind of and not really

Parshua wrote:

Snapper2013 wrote:

With your input, you'll will help me and maybe others with purchasing decisions. Thanks in advance.

Looks like per Canon's own spec sheet, there are major overheating issues with cool off times and re-record restrictions in 8K and 4K modes, which would significantly reduce the video usefulness for serious videographers.

When it has to compress a lot of data there can be problems.  Shooting RAW is less of a issue,  but RAW is only for 8k DCI.

So 8k UHD it can overheat.  4k 120p it can overheat.

In the hot sun I bet it becomes a real problem.

I think the rest are OK.  And not many will shoot 4k 120 continuously for long periods I bet.

Plus remember this is pre production.  We don't know if they can improve this.

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