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Re: NAS and network

tkbslc wrote:

Not uncommon. The benefit of Jumbo frames is greatly exaggerated and dependent on specific networking hardware and efficiencies. Just setting to the maximum of 9000 is not always the best. It might be more like 4000 or 5000. You can try testing in increments of 1000 between 3000 and 9000 and see where it peaks.

In my experience as a datacenter engineer, and based on a lot of research, we aren't talking a massive difference even with picking the perfect jumbo frame size. Like 5-8% best case and it's not consistent across all I/O patterns.

Seems like you are usually better off just using the default MTU for compatibility.

Thanks for that. I'm not shocked but will conduct a few more experiments tomorrow (rebooting after changing the MTU).

In any event, I won't be sad if the default MTU turns out to be a good as any other setting. It's still a 5x improvement.

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