R5 Question Regarding RF and EF Lenses

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Re: R5 Question Regarding RF and EF Lenses

Sorry to have no answer, but I do think it's an excellent question.

For instance, does the IBIS in the R5/6 work with EF lenses at all? If so, not as well? Then, just how much and how so? Also, what about the speed of focusing, accuracy of eye/head/people/animal focus and tracking ability. For instance, I plan to get at least the R5. But I'd like to keep at least many of my EF L lenses, especially if they work with most of the new R features. Let's say they work at an effective rate of 80% of the effectiveness of RF lens counterparts. Then, I'd probably keep at least half of my EF's. If it's not that good a number, then who knows what I'd do at this point. I need some clarity to make plans important to my business interests. I wonder if canon will ever quantify such things, especially if it might negatively affect the sales of Rf lenses.

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