(Rant) So suddenly photographyland discovers the value of compact teles?

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Re: (Rant) So suddenly photographyland discovers the value of compact teles?

mbike999 wrote:

whumber wrote:

How do you figure that? The Rs have a more advanced AF system, higher burst speed, similar electronic readout speed, weather sealing, and if we believe Chris and Jordan's take even the IBIS is as good as the best from Olympus. EDIT: Oh, I assume you must mean the original R.

Yeah. Don't get me wrong. I think the new R's (and even the original R to a degree) are AWESOME. I just want to give credit where credit is due, the Olympus kit has been awesome for some time now, in my humble opinion.

No question, as exciting as this is my current Olympus gear feels pretty close to fully mature technology. As much as I love Canon ergonomics I'm not sure I can see myself buying into another system, even going back to Canon; if anything these cameras will be rentals any time I want to use big glass like a 200mm f/2.

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