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Re: Sony full frame advice

Jacques Cornell wrote:

Alex Ethridge wrote:

I can't address much of what you ask but I got the A7 III last December. I had considered the A7R IV but decided I didn't want to deal with the larger files, in post or in the extra storage space. I regret that now as I have since upgraded my computer from i7 4th gen and 8 Gigs of RAM to i7 9th gen and 64 Gigs of RAM. Also, long-term storage isn't really a problem with magnetic media being so inexpensive these days.

I chose the Sony 24-105mm G lens for its wider range/longer reach and because my subjects are almost always family gatherings and other events and some architecture and sometimes landscapes. I almost never use apertures larger than f/4 and when I do, I don't like the shallow field of focus. When I do portraits, I use my m43 (GH5).

By the way, the difference between 28mm and 24mm is pronounced.

As for the f/4 of the 24-105mm, out-of-focus backgrounds can always be produced in post.

I like the a7III & 24-105/4 combo, too, but it's way past the OP's budget.

Agreed but . . .

Having been in sales of one kind or another for many years, I have seen many times where people have defined a budget range then bumped it up.  Not saying the OP should or that anyone should; it just happens.  I bumped mine up when I got the A7III; now I regret not going for the A7R IV

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