Old DG/DC Lens Support/Use

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Re: Old DG/DC Lens Support/Use

The Panda wrote:

Sigma said they won't support these anymore.

My 10-20 focuses. A little slower than my SD14 but it works.

I will try the cleaning. I also noticed that one of the mc11 updates was for the 70mm art so i may and see if that helps.

Those two lenses may be using the same underlying code.

The lenses are two different 70mm instruments that have different optical and mechanical constructions as well as 10 years in between them. The notion that they share the same electronics is likely just wishful thinking.

Like danski said above, the older lenses won't be updated any longer, and they probably weren't even designed to be updated like the newer ones, but the newer DG-DN lenses and MC adapters may get performance updates once in a while. Will that have much, if any impact on the performance of the EX lens with the adapter is doubtful. Just use manual focus with the MC-11. To me that's not too bad a compromise.

It's more or less the same with the MC-21 adapters. The older lenses may work partially with the adapter, often with poor or erratic AF, if at all. Some, if not most EX models are working clearly better than the 'basic' models. Same with the SDQ models which no longer use the focusing system of the older dSLR models. But still, using MF with adapted lenses is not such a bad deal, is it.

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