Olympus lenses on Pan. G9 questions

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Re: Olympus lenses on Pan. G9 questions

Martyn Welch wrote:

dbelling wrote:

I have used both Oly and Panasonic cameras, although I only have Panasonic at present (G9 and G95). I got used to the Oly menu system after awhile, but I much prefer the one on my Panasonic cameras. I find it very well organized and easy to use. Regarding lenses, I use an Oly 12-200 lens on my Pany cameras with no problem. Frankly I cannot tell any difference in the stabilization even though I know that it is IBIS only with the Oly lens. You should have no problems. I especially love my G9, although I wish that it were the size of the G95 or Oly EM1 series.

Regards, Dave

Thanks for the assorted replies - most useful.

I did debate the G90 (UK) and given my small hands maybe this could literally be a better fit if you like, my only reservation being a one-off poor experience with a G80 before I went Olympus. That camera was faulty and just refused to switch off, so it went back to the retailer whereupon I then bought the Olympus instead.

I never really gave it a decent try because its problems put me off testing it further - I gather it wasn't an uncommon issue with that model. No doubt this was resolved but these things can niggle at the back of the mind when looking again at specific cameras.

Well, I do believe that the G9 is a far better camera than the G95/90 or the G85/80. The only things that I like better with the G95 are the size and the fact that you can do in camera panoramas. Other than that I think that the G9 is better in every other way.

Regards, Dave

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