Curious if Nikon will respond to the new long, slow, cheap Canon teles

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one way

NCV wrote:

I do not quite get these lenses.

I thought the 6.3 on my 24-200 was bit on the slow side, but F11?

One way to look at it:

"In the big picture, 600 mm f/6.3 is on the fast side of things.

800 mm f/11 is on the slow side of things, but not exceptionally slow.

Let's take a look at the range of equivalent apertures of some 800 mm options:

#1: 800 mm f5.6 is the fastest option you can get for money and practically use. Either as 400/2.8 +2X, 600 + 1.4 or as 800 mm native. It is extremely expensive and only a very few photographers will ever get to touch one.

#2: 800 mm f/8 is very expensive and rather rare, but more manageable than f/5.6. Only availabale by using teleconverters or sensor areas smaller than 36x24mm. It is avaliable in zooms, but they are then again extremely expensive and very heavy for the aperture.

#3: 800 mm f/9 is only slightly slower than option #2, but the fastest realistic option for most enthusiasts and broadly available even as zooms. It is only 1 1/3 stops slower than the fastest option available.

#4: 800 mm f/11 is the most common option for advanced users not dedicated to very long focal lengths. It can be acheived by using a 2X teleconverter on many popular lenses, but still not considered to be for the masses. The Canon RF 800 mm f/11 DO IS STM is targeting to change that.

#5: 800 mm f/16 equivalent with a 1" sensor (Nikkor 70-300 f/5.6 on Nikon 1 cameras or RX10 IV cropped). This is an extremely size effective 800 mm equivalent option, and believe it or not it is possible to take good pictures with it.

#6: 800 mm f/30 equivalent in the Canon PowerShot SX40 HS. This is considered a slow and poor option. Almost 2 stops slower than the acceptable #5."

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