Olympus lenses on Pan. G9 questions

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Re: Olympus lenses on Pan. G9 questions

I have used both Oly and Panasonic cameras, although I only have Panasonic at present (G9 and G95). I got used to the Oly menu system after awhile, but I much prefer the one on my Panasonic cameras. I find it very well organized and easy to use. Regarding lenses, I use an Oly 12-200 lens on my Pany cameras with no problem. Frankly I cannot tell any difference in the stabilization even though I know that it is IBIS only with the Oly lens. You should have no problems. I especially love my G9, although I wish that it were the size of the G95 or Oly EM1 series.

Regards, Dave

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