I don't get f11 for the 600mm prime?

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Re: I don't get f11 for the 600mm prime?

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After seeing videos and photos and comparing their sizes to a human and just getting a general idea of the thickness and size of these two lenses, I actually think the 600mm is more manageable for handheld than the 800mm. The 800mm is basically a lens on tripod kind of lens because you have to account for the length you have to extend for the lens to be in operation.

I can see the 800mm to be the choice for a lot of wildlife photographers and enthusiasts especially those that use a tripod and wait in one location. But if you are walking around I think the 600mm is more suitable.

But then I also don't see why not just use a 1.4x on the Canon 100-400 or even Sigma/Tamron 100-400,

with the 1.4x it's 560mm at f7.84 or f8.82 for Tamron/Sigma which is still faster than f11.

You really don't want to shoot flying birds with Sigma 100-400...

Where did I say to use the Sigma 100-400 for BIF?

I was just saying F8.82 is a bigger aperture than f11. It's like saying mathematically 3 is bigger than 2. Thats all. I made no comments about autofocus performance on BIF, or others, because we don't have tests to test either.

So what did you mean to shoot then? You were talking about wildlife and "walking around" lens. If you want to shoot something that moves a bit faster (when you are walking around), especially birds, Sigma 100-400 is not the best choise. And 1.4x won't give any more help for AF.

I have it, and I've said many times it's very nice lens for landscapes.

I said if you are shooting say wildlife or just anything in general on a tripod and you don't mind the size and length of the 800mm after its extended, it's good, but if you are walking around, then the 600mm is more suitable. BIF is not the only possible thing that you can shoot when you are walking around. Landscape like you said can also be shot when you are walking around, and many others. I did not say BIF specifcally when walking around did I?

No you didn't say BIF. I said, because if I'm walking around with 100-400, I definately would like to shoot also BIF if possible. I still have Sigma 100-400, but soon I'll say bye bye to it... because it's good only for static targets.

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