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tbcass wrote:

You have made some good points. One of the things that makes some cameras harder to use is they offer so many options that the menus become more complex by necessity. I think many people don't have the patience to learn something new. I have had experience with Sony, Canon, Nikon and Fuji. I didn't have any trouble figuring out how to use any of them but that could be due to my technical/engineering background. The only one I really hated was a cheap Nikon bridge camera I used at work. I didn't hate it because it was hard to figure out. I hated it because it was so simple and dumbed down that I couldn't get it to do the things I wanted. All I could do was aim and shoot. For me the more complex and flexible the more I like it.

People also should take into consideration more that there are trade-offs to a lot of this stuff. For instance I love the top LCD screens on Nikon mirrorless bodies but this also makes them slightly larger, Sony doesn’t do that whether it is to distinguish themselves or to fit something in they feel is more important. Whether it is size, price, ergonomics, or anything else, you are sacrificing something for something

These companies don’t just avoid putting everything into a camera because they don’t want to, it’s because they physically can’t without creating a massive body which is impractical. It would also defeat the purpose of product categories which allows them sell multiple product lines for larger profit margins. These big tech top-of-the-line cameras are not only expensive to buy, they’re expensive to make and have a much more limited margins compared to lower end models. These companies are simply trying to prioritize what they feel is most important in the camera and in doing so attract different customer bases with different wants and needs

Not to mention all these cameras shoot raw and typically are edited afterwards to adjust color and detail. Really at the end of the day 0% of people will be able to tell what it was shot on when finished

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