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Re: No Filters for Andrew....!

19andrew47 wrote:

I have never owned an ND filter Bruce. That makes the OMD EM1iii very appealing with its live ND option. That said, either option would require me to carry a tripod and that is something I am unwilling to do. On this trip I left the camera bag in the room after the first outing. It bothers my shoulders and neck now. I have a backpack but is a bother to get stuff in and out of so it is no longer used. I am not sure my aging body can take it either. It was great 14 y ago when filled with much heavier 4/3 gear but time marches on. I have been looking at smaller carbon fiber tripods but I am not sure the additional cost is worth the small difference in weight. I wish I had purchased a CF monopod instead of the aluminum version though for shooting hockey. The CF sucks less heat out of a naked hand than does the metal version!

I like the results using ND filters from time to time and if I thought I could carry a tripod I might get one.

Back in films days I carried a seven lenses, two camera bodies, a flash and other accessories in a Zero Haliburton briefcase type aluminum case and a tripod on hikes through Algonquin Park. Youth has far fewer limitations!

I was young once, too, Andrew! Shot weddings with 2x C-330's with the "real pentaprism's" (can you say HEAVY) hanging around my neck and carried 5 big, heavy double barreled lenses in a large bag. One lens has a "perfecto-mat" box on it that added "misty surround" or "heart shaped candle flames" in the bokeh...and/or double exposures masks (a standard for me was an outside shot of the church...a double exposure via the masks made it look like you could see through the church wall to see the wedding ocurring inside). No darkroom tricks, everything had to be on the printable negative and since it is a once in a lifetime event, no chance to go back for any do-overs....no instant feedback like we have today.

HAD to be right, first time, and every time. Talk about stress! And I had a growing family to support, often shot two weddings on a Saturday and a few times, was able to shoot 3 weddings on a Saturday. I gave discounts for Friday evening and Sunday weddings, too.

Can't imagine even being able to endure the pressure/stress, now!

Also about the in camera live ND in Olympus...

It is a 'stacking technique' that can be used with any camera. Simply shoot a burst and then take the images into post processing layers. Merge the layers and it will produce the effect. Olympus is doing it in camera. Works for some images but is not the same as a physical 10 stop ND filter. Is handy for the tripod-less, though.


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