I don't get f11 for the 600mm prime?

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Re: I don't get f11 for the 600mm prime?

tobicy68 wrote:

After seeing videos and photos and comparing their sizes to a human and just getting a general idea of the thickness and size of these two lenses, I actually think the 600mm is more manageable for handheld than the 800mm. The 800mm is basically a lens on tripod kind of lens because you have to account for the length you have to extend for the lens to be in operation.

I can see the 800mm to be the choice for a lot of wildlife photographers and enthusiasts especially those that use a tripod and wait in one location. But if you are walking around I think the 600mm is more suitable.

But then I also don't see why not just use a 1.4x on the Canon 100-400 or even Sigma/Tamron 100-400,

with the 1.4x it's 560mm at f7.84 or f8.82 for Tamron/Sigma which is still faster than f11.

You really don't want to shoot flying birds with Sigma 100-400...

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