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Week @ Home – Birds

Well it wasn't all flowers the week ending on the 4th ...we had a few of the resident birds stop by to have their portraits made that week. .... You've seen them all before and will, if you continue to visit me, see them again ... Here is a recent resident – the nuthatch ..

This is the only picture here converted from RAW using PSP and that was because PSP does recover highlights better than OV3 or OW … and this bird has some bright white feathers .. We always have finches as long as we feed them, stop feeding them and they disappear - - very much attuned to city life ..

This cardinal and his ancestors have been resident all the years we've lived here He stopped by before the parade on the 4th to have his portrait made and was quite patient while I did what I could


He insisted on sitting in a very shaded area in the holly tree next to the front porch …

Most of the pictures turned out soft because the focus wasn't too good with the 100-300mm lens in a shaded area.

I didn't really think I had time to manually focus and the AF had problems finding an area with enough contrast to focus cleanly. I suspect that that F/5.6 maximum aperture has enough DOF that the AF took “good enough” most of the time.. I think when the bird's eye caught the light, which wasn't often enough, and those times when I found the eye with the focus box the AF did a bit better … It may also be that even using the OIS that the shutter speed was a bit slow for my ability to hold the camera steady …Also, I seem to have more difficulty with red and Olympus than any other color.

All pictures here were taken using the M1.1.6 with the Panasonic 100-300mm lens except the Nuthatch when I was using the ZD50-200 Mark I lens …..

Stay Well …


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