RF 100-500 where are the doubters now?

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Re: Laqup - re: fine print

Marco Nero wrote:

Laqup wrote:

Marco Nero wrote:

You're not just buying the lens, you HAVE to buy a new camera (EOS R5or R6) to go with it. And these new cameras and this lens don't come cheap. You're looking at many thousands of dollars each.

Haven't listened to any of official presentations. Can you elaborate a bit more. Why do you HAVE to buy a new camera? Isn't it possible to use it just fine on the R?

They said during the presentation that you would be able to overlook the f/7.1 aperture with the new cameras (R5 + R6) because they can be used at higher ISO settings with less noise. This wasn't in relation to the new IBIS system Canon have added.
Anyone without an R5 or R6 is going to be dealing with more noise and will likely have to appreciate whatever they can get form their lens+camera combo.

The R5 and R6 have 1 stop better noise than the R. Do you really think that deficit is large enough to say you have to buy a new camera to use the 100-500? The way you claimed, I assumed there was some incompatibility or inability of the R to focus at f7.1, but no, it's just a bit more noisy when using the lens @500mm f7.1 in difficult conditions. In bright daylight there wouldn't be any problem using the lens on an EOS-R.

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