Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

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Re: Not Sony

tbcass wrote:

saltydogstudios wrote:

This is how every "Sony menus/ergos sucks" argument goes.

"But you can customize things and you get used to it - did you even bother trying to get used to it?"

Whereupon someone (like me) will argue "I shouldn't have to get used to it - if I can't figure out how to do basic things that's a failure on Sony's part, not mine."

And then I will say "you had to get used to the brand(s) you use back when you first started". My point is that the idea that any camera interface is at all intuitive is totally false. That's why these arguments can go on forever because with anything subjective there is no definitive answer. That is the point I am trying to make. I am not trying to claim that Sony cameras are better or worse than any others but the people I am debating do believe some are better than others. As soon as someone says the ergonomics of camera A is more intuitive than camera B they are wrong plain and simple because using the terms camera menu and buttons along with intuitive is an oxymoron. We weren't born with an instinct to use cameras. If people would simply say they prefer one camera over the other rather than adding a value judgement that is impossible to defend like "Sony menus suck" I wouldn't disagree.

I totally agree with you on that there really is no best camera, these are all different brands with different designs that have their own strengths and weaknesses. Though it causes some much angst to have to choose, we should all be grateful for the fact that there is so much to choose from. Everyone is different and has different needs and preferences

I do think however intuitive is an appropriate word and totally obtainable despite our evolution. If you look up the definition, Webster even added a separate definition pertaining specifically to software/electronics as “easy to use and understand”. I think what people are referring to is more about the learning curve of a system and how easy and quickly it is to change any settings at any time without having to add/change function buttons, dig into confusing menus, etc.

In my opinion Nikon wins in that department, but that’s not to say Sony cameras are bad, these are different camera companies with different priorities and customer bases. Sony focuses more on packing as much power as humanly possible into the smallest package while Nikon tends to wait on the shiny new features to think out design and implementation more. They may not be the first ones out with the new tech but I think they look to do what‘s really best and practical for the photographer in the field rather than what they have to do to just make it work, and I appreciate that about the company

Whatever brand is the best for you is the best brand, find one and stick with it. If DSLR isn’t a priority at all and you are 100% mirrorless, try Sony. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t. I do think in the next year or two Nikon and Canon will have some very competitive models out. Nikon just announced a Z6s and Z7s as a stop-gap for mirrorless users until the release of the Z8 and eventually Z9. These cameras will have 4K60 video, an upgraded autofocus system similar to dual pixel (or dual pixel af now that canon is coming out with quad pixel soon), as well as several other upgrades including battery which puts it on par with the A7R series. I also hear a lot of good things about the upcoming R series models from Canon although their mirrorless glass selection is just not there yet and is very expensive. The A7Riv is the only thing really holding Sony at the top right now and it’s coming up on a year old already, well see what happens from here.

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