Continuous power for BLS powered cameras (in this case the EM10Mk2)

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Re: Continuous power for BLS powered cameras (in this case the EM10Mk2)

jfiresto wrote:

I think the EM10Mk2 is unsealed and suspect water vapor will get around even a closed cover and into the battery compartment. The Olympus stores in the U.S. and Europe are currently selling spare covers if you want to take measures to keep out water droplets.

Yes, the E-M10 mark I/II/III are not splash proof.

I would imagine that using dummy batteries of any kind breaks the seals for it being splash proof.

BTW, the Mean Well power supplies come without AC line cords as who knows where or how they will be used. I am pretty sure you want a cord with a common, two-pin C7 plug, which you can also get from Mouser if you need any. I have a couple extra long cords which can come in handy.

Thanks, I never knew the name of what the 2 prong plug was that power cord attaches to. This should be the same plug used by the BCS-1 battery charger.

Doing a little google search finds the cord is specified in IEC 60320 as a C7/C8 plug (C7 is the plug on the cord, C8 is the socket in the adapter). It sometimes is known as an infinity or shotgun plug:

Some time ago, somebody posted that there are 4 or 2 splitter C7 cords available. I like these because it reduces the number of outlets that I need for my battery charger farm. Adorama has sold the cable in the past, but it looks like they are doing a closeout sale. But you can get it from the original manufacturer via Also some people hate having a cord at all, and the Apple 'duckhead' plug can be used:

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