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juanmaasecas wrote:

DenImage wrote:

All I've asked you to do is substantiate your "repeated" claims that Canon has better colours by posting photo comparisons shot at the same time with RAW files, so then we can make a fair side by side comparison about colour.

You keep posting SOOC jpegs which are reliant on the users settings applied in-camera. The YouTube video links you've previously posted also rely on users settings applied in-camera. If you are arguing that Canon have better in-camera colour settings, or better Auto White Balance detection, then that's a different matter.

All I'm interested in is the RAW file apples to apples comparisons, where exposure and "as shot" white balance/tint is the same in both cameras (manually set the same in both cameras). Otherwise you're comparing images that have different white balance/tint as the reason why you prefer Canon colours over Sony.


Because again, auto WB is a very important part of the Color Science of a camera.

Please do my AWB test I linked to. Try it with a Canon, try it with a Sony.
Until you do it and see it with your own eyes you will not understand what AWB is doing.

I gave you those raw from imaging-resource under perfectly controlled conditions. Go and try to match the Sony RAW to the Canon JPG that you don’t even need to edit.

I gave you a couple of my raws for you to try to edit, obviously the WB numbers are gonna be different even if you set a custom profile (daylight, tungsten) in both cameras, because it depends on the profile you use and the software, and even if you set a custom white balance with a grey card, the white balance will be different as the YouTube video.

The blindest person is the one that keeps his eyes closed.

Still waiting to see your beautiful sony colors. I have provide lots of samples, have you? No, you are the one just talking.

Go to sony portrait threads here or in fredmiranda and pick random portraits from the Sony forum and the Canon forum. Why Canon files in average always have better color? Are sony photographers colorblind? Or is it just more difficult to get nice colors from Sony?

Go to IG and check for wedding photographers shooting Canon and shooting Sony. The difference in tonality in their pictures is shocking. Canon photographers always show very nice colors in their pictures, whereas sony photographer... well, you have that Sony artificial cartoonish look.

Almost all will be colour corrected and colour graded in some way.
Quite a lot of the popular wedding trends like the LxC presets are extreme changes from any brands raw or SOOC jpg.

You might like https://alphauniverse.com/stories/in-camera-secret-setting-for-rich-colors/

Of course, still some people will like it. But there are differences. Even in RAW, and some people can see it.

DPreview staff do see it, Dustin Abbot see it, of course Ken Rockwell see it, best award winning photographers all over the world see it and shoot Canon despite the lack of Dynamic Range and numbers that Sony have, even Sony engineers see it and try to improve their colors every generation. But still sony geeks claim that you can get whatever colors you want from the RAW, blah blah blah.

I that is what is in your head you will struggle to get to the facts. 
I come from using 1D, 1Ds, 1DsIII, 1DIV, 6D, 5DIII. I'll consider a R5. But I'm really not struggling with the A7III colour. Have you seen the colours Albert D gets from his Sonys? Hard to fault. Again processing is involved, as with any top photographer.

My first Sony was the nex 5R for my holidays, happy with the colours:
The only Sony I struggle with is the RX100Va, as well as the smaller sensor the adobe raw profile is such that their WB has the tint set to around +50 by default and they haven't updated it yet.


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