Switching from iMac to MacBook Pro Help

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Re: Switching from iMac to MacBook Pro Help

paul wassermann wrote:

CameraCarl wrote:

Check out the LightroomQueen.com for her tutorial/blog about how to move Lightroom to a new computer. There is a rather clear explanation and even a free book describing what to do. (In the past what I have done is a clean install of Lightroom on the new computer, then copy the full Lightroom Catalog upper level folder from the old computer to the new computer and point Lightroom to it.) Moving Lightroom to a new computer is a simple process; don't overthink it or make it more complicated than it is. Read these before you do something complicated.



Thanks...I believe I can figure out how to move the catalog folder to the new computer, but not sure how one "points" Lightroom to the catalog and its referenced files. I think I might be best served to actually have someone do this for me hands on...

Please take the time to read the info in the links I sent you! It is highly unlikely that anyone you will take the computer to will understand Lightroom unless it is a local LrC expert. I would hesitate to take it to, for example, The Apple Store and let them mess with it. My experience with the folks there is they may understand the Mac world, but that is where their expertise ends.  This is really quite simple to do; don't let anyone scare you into complicated cloning and data transfer schemes. Read the book linked above before doing something that will cost you money or that you may regret.

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