Nikon 58mm 1.4g on the Z6 appreciation thread

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Re: Nikon 58mm 1.4g on the Z6 appreciation thread

Sukuwea Enikkusu wrote:

Since you don't need to calibrate it, it will perform excellent on a Z6. I longed for this lens a loooong time, Looking at every page of the Fredmiranda thread and mywed pages. Been putting this lens to all paces. Natural light shootings, 1 to 3 lighting setups and recently my first wedding. I love it, performed consistently and never disappointed. In the 50mm range there is no substitute for the 58mm 1.4g. I hope we can shut down the sharpness trolls now.

And my whole setup will revolve around this lens.

28mm 1.8g, 58mm 1.4g and Z 85mm 1.8s. The 85mm is the only lens I love of the Z lineup, I am bokeh fanatic and this one doesn't disappoint. Z 35mm and 50mm were lacking for me.

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I always had a crush onto this lens, too expensive for a hobbyist like me but some day it will become mine, I lusted the 85/1.4D for long and got it, on the bucket list I have a 35 even tho never had one but my passion is for portraits and focal lengths from 50 upwards so, ideally, the 58 on the lower end and a 135 on the upper one.

Your samples look amazing, I got a D850 which I still have to test, I maybe took 200-300 shots if I even did, not the best time of the year for me to experiment but I am more and more lusting a ML and with the upcoming ZxS upgrades and/or the Z5 an addition might come sooner than expected not to say I think 24MP being a very sweet spot sensor wise especially for those who, like me, have the D850 for, say, landscape or big prints.

I never read of focus issues with this lens but the fact that a ML needs no calibration makes it even more attractive, I am struggling big time with my D800 (after a repair it seems very unreliable focus wise) and, again a Z would do it if not for those few D lenses which I own and still like so much.
Great set of images and revamped lust for the 58G 🤙🏻

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