sigma quattro + 30mm lens - price?

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Re: sigma quattro + 30mm lens - price?

ushere wrote:

hi, am finally hanging up my cameras and retiring.

have my quatro and 30mm lens, both in excellent condition, spare couple of batteries, original box, etc.,

what would be a fair price to ask for them (in australia, so aus$ figure would be good?)

thinking to advertise here and ebay, though any other ideas / thoughts most welcome.

As xpatUSA mentions checking the sold/completed listings in eBay is a good indicator of what people are willing to spend on the Quattro.

If you bought from CRKennedy you may want to check the warranty status and whether it is fine to pass onto another Australian user (since they won't service grey market goods) as that avoids complications from ordering from overseas cameras warranty wise (or sell back to where you purchased it country wise).

eBay seems to indicate around $750 AUD, with perhaps $150 for the Art lens (ie $900 - $950?). New now is $1700 AUD + $770 for the 30mm Art, I think the kit was originally around $1400 AUD from memory when it came out so the current CRK pricing is not always indicative of how much it should be (probably still priced high due to the weakened AUD and currency conversions).

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