Do you consistently overexpose color neg film?

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Re: Do you consistently overexpose color neg film?

tassienick wrote:

A lot of digital natives (like myself) have come to film with a digital understanding of metering, in which shadow detail is easy to recover but highlights are easy to blow. Hence, if in doubt, meter for the highlights and lift the shadows in post.

Metering for most C41 films is the opposite. The film's have heaps of highlight latitude but shadows are easy to lose and ugly to recover. Hence, if in doubt, meter for the shadows and the highlights will look after themselves. So you aren't overexposing as such, but rather metering accurately for the most sensitive part of the composition.

Agree with this assessment, and as a film native, that was one of the bigger but subtle changes in going to digital, a bit of a shock when the digital metering blew the highlights so comprehensively.

In answer to the question, I don't push the rated iso (Portra 160 & 400), and am very pleased with the results for my subjects and I'm not doing much in post either. I think it's probably subject dependent to an extent, and the only way you'll see if it suits you is to try a roll or two.

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