Dreaded which camera question

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Re: Dreaded which camera question

You are not buying a standalone new camera; you should take into account how you will deal with two cameras when you get back. Your options are:

Duplicate your camera, augment it, upgrade it.

Duplication (buying a similar camera) seems a waste of money.

Augmenting would be a smaller, cheaper camera that could do what your current camera does not - something smaller, a take-anywhere camera. This could be any brand or system because it needn't be compatible with your current camera. Could even be a Lumix LX100 or a Micro Four Thirds camera.

Upgrading means either the high-end APS-C or a full frame, or even a mirrorless (APS-C or FF).

There is some sense in sticking with Canon for APS-C or Full Frame but only for DSLR.
If you go mirrorless  (either APS-C or FF), there is no real need to stay with Canon; your current lenses are not so special that you want to keep using it forever on an adapter; and the native glass you will get for the new mirrorless won't be backwards compatible - so it might as well be Sony then.

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You don't need a new camera, you need a new lens.

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