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Re: Switching from iMac to MacBook Pro Help

Tom_N wrote:

Unless the 2009 iMac is running Lightroom Classic 8.4.1 or better on High Sierra, there is going to be a migration from a 32-bit version of Lightroom Classic on the iMac to a 64-bit version on the new one.

A few considerations:

1. If you let Migration / Setup Assistant copy an old Lightroom Classic to the new Mac, you won't be able to use it to upgrade, uninstall, activate, or deactivate itself. Adobe says that you can remove old versions using the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool. I do not see anything saying what happens to associated data. The data I would worry about is the catalog, as it is inconceivable that the Cleaner would delete referenced RAWs and JPGs.


2. If the iMac is running an old version of Lightroom Classic, you might want to upgrade it to High Sierra, and the latest version of Lightroom Classic, before moving to the new Mac. If the new Mac never sees the old Lightroom Classic, you should sidestep Catalina-related installation and activation issues.

3. Adobe uses activation DRM. Even if you plan to keep using the iMac as one of the two allowed computers, and even if you do a "clean install" of Lightroom Classic on the new Mac, it would probably be good to deactivate the copy on the old Mac prior to setting up the new one. You can reactivate it afterwards.

4. You might want to read Apple's notes on how to Set up your new Mac and on How to move your content to a new Mac . Also TidBITS' article on How to Migrate to a New Mac . The new Mac will offer you the choice of whether to transfer your data at setup time, or later. For reasons described in the TidBITS article, doing it at setup time – or doing your own "clean" manual transfer – may be preferable to using Migration Assistant.

5. If you do a "clean install" of Lightroom Classic on the new Mac, it will not know about any of your photos at first. You will want to tell it where your photos are located, and your preferences (referenced vs. managed) for importing new ones.

I'm 77 and not tech savvy at all, so I didn't really understand your detailed help, but certaiinly thanks!  I have the most recent version of Lightroom 9.3 and may have to take my imac into local apple affiliate and have them accomplish the setup and transfer for me.

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