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Re: Maybe not "intuitive", but maybe "well though out?"

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What’s funny about the whole customization thing when I think about it is that it is almost essential for quick adjustments with certain brand bodies, but I as well as basically every Nikon user I know rarely changes anything because the controls are so fluent as they are... I think that is the definition of intuitive

Now, I am a Nikon camera user. And I really appreciate how well it works.

But I don't know if I would exactly call the Nikon UI intuitive.

I have had a Nikon D70s, D5100, D100, D90, D7000 and D750 in that order.

What I have noticed is that Nikon is constantly tweaking the user interface.

As much as I liked the Nikon D70s. I noticed some updates to the D90. And by the D7000 there was a lot of tweaks. Even from my Nikon D7000 to the D750 I noticed tweaks. Like being able to toggle auto-ISO on/off by pressing the ISO button and rotating the front dial.

I mean . . . if the Nikon UI was really intuitive . . . wouldn't all manufacturers be doing it the same way?

Instead of intuitive, I'd personally call the Nikon UI well thought out.

Well - if you compare it with how you change ISO on other cameras, it's intuitive. And well thought out.

Auto ISO being added to the "button + spin dial" interface makes it even MORE intuitive and well thought out.

Even my Nikon D5100, with only one control dial, I really marveled at how easy it was to change settings and take pictures with it. I only had a few essential things on the "My Menu", and I changed the "FN" button to be an ISO button. That was about it. And I was able to take pictures and not have to dive into menus constantly.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

Yeah there has to be changes over time as they add and develop certain things, but I think what stays constant is the body design and always having a layout where everything you need is in reach at all times despite what is added/changed

And I don’t think it’s so much that other cameras would be laid out like Nikon if it was the best, as it is that they can’t and they shouldn’t even if it is. I do think Sony and maybe even Canon to a small extent does envy certain aspects of the Nikon design but knows they have to do their own thing. And I don’t mean that at all like “OMG we need to be more like Nikon!”, I mean it like “Nikon has created a great design and we need figure out an alternative that’s just as good if not better”. If a company started coming out with cameras which were just a clear knockoff of another company, design and all, that wouldn’t bode well for attracting new users to their system. It also would stifle innovation and defeat the purpose of having different brands in the first place, different options and competition is what it’s all about. I just think as far as ergonomics goes, Nikon is in the lead at this point in time

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