Switching from iMac to MacBook Pro Help

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Re: Switching from iMac to MacBook Pro Help

One plan:

1. Back up everything on the old iMac (internal and external) and disconnect all of the backup disks.

2. Upgrade the iMac to High Sierra . Without this, you can't upgrade Lightroom Classic enough to get to a version that is compatible with Catalina.

3. Upgrade Lightroom Classic to the latest version.

4. Check that everything still works on the old iMac.

5. Deactivate Lightroom Classic (and other such programs).

6. Make a backup of the upgraded iMac disk. This can be a Time Machine backup or a clone (Carbon Copy Cloner, SuperDuper) backup.

7. Turn on the new Mac for the first time, and plug in the backup disk from step 6. You will probably need a USB-C to USB-A adapter or cable ($5 – $20).

8. When the new Mac asks if you want to copy over applications, settings, etc. from another computer, tell it yes, and point it to the backup disk from steps 6 and 7. Doing this at setup time will avoid the "Migration Assistant can't merge accounts" issue identified in the TidBITS article.

9. Activate Lightroom Classic on the new computer.

10. Connect external photo drives, using USB-C to USB-A adapters or cables.

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