31 Panasonic MFT cameras compared (weight, size, new/used prices, etc) [table]

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Rare value wins

cba_melbourne wrote:

Emsquared wrote:

Wow! GM5 same price as GX8.

Sure, GM5 is the most desirable camera in the whole lineup

It's considerably less than half the weight of the GX8. It's the pinnacle of what m43 is all about.

Average depreciation per year since launch would be the most telling statistic.  Especially since the vast quantity of GM series cameras were sold at considerably less than launch price.  In fact we could almost say that GM5 cameras are still selling for much the same price as their “street price” when new.

The only thing that might destroy the GM5 resale price is a MkII version as even with attrition by use or time the remaining working ones will have a an increasing “rare” value.

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