EM1.3 IBIS record broken by the Canon R5

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Re: Canon hits the IBIS funny bone?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

IBIS is great, I love IBIS. But somehow my photographic life is not built up around having IBIS - it is just another useful tool.

Olympus just made a huge albatross to carry around its neck when it made such a big sell issue out of their “great IBIS” now that other brands catch up those that worship IBIS feel threatened .... somehow. Plugging IBIS as such a wonder tool only worked until the fringes of IBIS possibility were reached.

Even Panasonic dual stabilisation can never be as good as Olympus IBIS all by itself .... heavens ... do I really care? It does not stop me finding the Olympus 12-100/4.0 IS as a wonderfully stabilised tool on my dead-set unstabilised wobbly GM5 camera body.

I was very happy with Canon lens IS systems way back when the Canon dslr was my best camera - nothing wrong with good lens IS anyway. But of course imitation is the best form of flattery. When the imitators have the most sincere flattery at their disposal then does IBIS-stop wars move from the sublime to the ridiculous?

It seems that M/3 users have such a small-person syndrome that they worry about other formats (even cousin brands) far too much. I just enjoy M4/3 and care little what other formats are up to.

I agree with you Tom.  I take notice of this Canon development as a great thing.  I would consider keeping MFT for long tele-lens as well as hiking photography and have Canon FF with this impressive IBIS for portraiture and others in between.

IBIS was one the key reasons I switched from APC-S to MFT about a few years ago among other innovative features of EM5 II.


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